Having a pet chihuahua

  • branjie
    11 months

    I have had all kinds of dogs in my life but (spoiler alert) chihuahua's are the best. My chihuahua is the most affectionate dog I've had by far. And he's extremely portable so you can take him everywhere. Here's my pros and cons:

    Might be a bit yippy. Ours stays indoors if left home alone or he barks at the dog over the back fence.
    Would not recommend around small children as chihuahua's are probably less robust than bigger dogs. They will also bite in self defense if they don't trust a person.
    They take up a surprising amount of space in your bed, under the covers. They love to be snug.

    Very cheap to feed.
    Their poos are tiny.
    You make friends everywhere you go with your chihuahua. Mine has long hair, so everyone asks what he is. 
    Super loyal and affectionate.
    Very portable. If they are tired or you need to go somewhere you normally couldn't take a dog, you can carry easily. 
    Travel size. They are suitable for small homes and apartments, or taking on a road trip. 
    Extremely cute. 

    So, out of a Yay or Nay, I would definitely give chihuahuas a Yay!

    Post a comment if you have a chihuahua or you are thinking of getting one. I'll be happy to answer any questions.