Review Technivorm Moccamaster drip coffee machine

  • branjie
    11 months

    I have had my Moccamaster for about 10 weeks now, so it's time to tell you my thoughts. 

    In about 6 minutes brewing time, you can make either 1 coffee or up to 5 full cups of coffee, just like that. Bam! 

    Best drip cofee I have tried. That's because it's 100% consistent. Same temperature, same amount of coffee/water used per cup, it's basically idiot proof. 

    Thermal jug keeps the coffee warm while your last straggler makes their way to the breakfast table. 

    So easy for entertaining. I used to spend ages at the espresso coffee machine trying to make a perfect coffee while talking with guests. It took a really long time to make a bunch of coffees, plus because I was chatting, I was prone to make a mistake. With the Moccamaster, you add the right amount of water (measurments are on the water holder), wack your ground coffee (I weigh the beans and grind them at home) in the filter paper cone (using wrong terminology for this), and turn it on. That's it!

    Out of a Yay or Nay, I am giving this a big YAY! 

    Reply if you have any questions eg. how much beans per cup I use, which grinder and grinder setting etc. I'll get back to you ASAP