Review Bearded Dragon as Pet

  • Mozza
    11 months

    My Bearded Dragon does nothing but give me a filthy look. 

    Give him a fresh feed..... filthy look
    Give him a bath.... filthy look
    Time outside on the grass......filthy look
    Spend $1,000 in his tank, (excuse me, vivarium)......filthy look

    About once every 10 days he takes a dump. Imagine if you put some yogurt in a sealed container, then left it in the sun for 10 days. Open it up, and that's basically what it looks and smells like. Bl00dy awful. 

    I dare anybody with a bearded dragon to tell me it's any different.

    Out of a Yay or a Nay, I love ya mate, but my bearded dragon gets a Nay. Sorry Gilbert, thumbs down mate, thumbs down.