Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder review

  • branjie
    10 months

    Noise level: Loud, but they all are. It's about the same as the grinder in my old espresso machine. 
    Gind: I have found the grind great on the number 12 setting for a Mocca Pot, or Moccamaster drip coffee maker.

    Tip 1 
    If you like to weigh your beans, pull out the drawer at the bottom, put that on your scales, zero your scales, put in beans until you get the grams you want. 

    Tip 2
    Always put the drawer at the bottom, back into the machine before you put the lid on at the top. If you don't, coffee grounds will drop into the area where the drawer goes, make a mess, and it will actually be harder for the drawer to fit back into it's slot again properly. 

    Any questions, hit reply and let me know.