Review of ReadeREST magnetic glasses clip, so you don't lose your glasses.

  • branjie
    10 months

    I was telling a family member that someone should invent a way of clipping your reading glasses onto your clothes, so you're not always looking for them. They said that's been invented, it's called ReadeREST. So, I grabbed a couple from the website. I thought it might look a bit silly, so at first I clipped mine to the top of my jeans, but I did manage to bang my glasses on things that way. Now I'm just loving to clip it to whatever top I'm wearing, using a pair of glasses that match well with my outfit. I'm planning to get even more glasses that look really nice, so the glasses are more of a fashion statement. Definitely beats that chain you can use to have your glasses hanging around your neck!

    Yay or Nay? Definitely a Yay. 

    Anybody else tried them? Let me know what you think.